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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of glass insulators and porcelain insulators
Sep 04, 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Insulators and Porcelain Insulators: Glass Insulators This insulator device is made of glass and is called a glass insulator; the most widely used in the line is tempered glass insulators. Porcelain insulators are insulators made of electrical ceramics. Ceramic insulators are the earliest insulators. The process is simple, but there is no advantage that you can't easily collect the dirt. In fact, the contamination of the ceramic insulators in the field is also very serious. The glass insulators are relatively ceramic. The biggest advantage of insulators is that zero-value detection is not required, and zero-value glass insulators will self-detonate.

Glass insulator: It has good electromechanical properties, and its tensile strength, electrical breakdown resistance, vibration fatigue resistance, arc burn resistance and thermal shock resistance are superior to porcelain insulators. And unlike porcelain insulators, glass insulators have a zero-value self-explosive insulation self-elimination capability, which is easy to find and does not require insulation testing. The self-explosion rate is usually higher in the first 3 years, which is the opposite of porcelain insulators. Decades of operational and experimental data have proven that tempered glass insulators have long-term stable electromechanical properties and long service life.

Ceramic insulators: With good insulation properties, resistance to weathering, heat resistance and flexible assembly, they are widely used in various voltage grades. The disc-type porcelain insulator is of a puncturable type. It is made of cement and plastic parts with different physical and chemical properties. It is subjected to electric field, mechanical load and natural sunlight and wind for a long time. The effects of rain, snow, fog, etc. will gradually deteriorate, posing a threat to the safe operation of the power grid. In particular, when an insulator string containing a deteriorated insulator is flashed (due to lightning strikes or flashover, etc.), the deteriorated insulator head may instantaneously explode and explode, causing an accident in which the wire is dropped. The advantages and disadvantages of glass insulators and porcelain insulators can be compared to the use of glass insulators and porcelain insulators.

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