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Correct installation method of insulator
Sep 04, 2018

Insulators and wall bushings shall be inspected prior to installation. Porcelain parts and flanges shall be completely free of cracks, and the packing at the gluing place shall be complete and firmly bonded.

The top surface of the post insulator or wall bushing installed on the same plane or vertical plane shall be on the same plane, and the center line position shall meet the design requirements. The mounting centerlines of the post insulators of the straight section of the busbar should be on the same line. The base or flange must not be buried in the concrete or plaster layer. When the post insulators are stacked, the center line should be consistent, the fixing should be firm, and the fasteners should be complete. A cushioning gasket such as rubber or asbestos paper having a thickness of not less than 1.5 mm should be placed between the contact surface of the inner low-pressure post insulator without the base and the top cap and the metal fixing member.

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