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What types of insulators are there
Sep 04, 2018

(1) Insulators are generally classified into a puncturable type and a non-breakable type.

(2) According to the structure, it can be divided into column (pillar) insulators, suspension insulators, pin insulators, butterfly insulators, tension insulators, anti-fouling insulators and bushing insulators.

(3) According to the application, it is divided into line insulators and power stations and electrical insulators. Among them, the puncturable insulators used for the lines are needle-type, butterfly-shaped, and disc-shaped suspension. The non-breakable type has cross-arm and rod-shaped suspension. The puncturable insulators for power stations and electrical appliances have pin-type struts, hollow struts and casings, and non-breakable type of rod-shaped struts and container porcelain sleeves.

(4) Insulators used in overhead lines, commonly used are pin insulators, butterfly insulators, suspension insulators, porcelain crossarms, rod insulators and tension insulators.

(5) Commonly used insulators are: ceramic insulators, fiberglass insulators, composite insulators, and semiconductor insulators.

How should I apply a quota?

The pillar insulators are divided into high voltage and low pressure according to the voltage level; they are divided into indoor and outdoor according to the structure; 1 hole, 2 holes and 4 holes are fixed according to the fixed method. Insulators are generally installed on high and low voltage switchgear, busbar bridges, brackets or walls. Low-voltage insulators are different according to model (such as WX01, WX02 type). Before installation, bolts or nuts should be filled with cement or lead or tin in insulators. Inside.

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