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Basic Introduction Of Composite Suspension Insulators
Sep 04, 2018

The composite suspension insulator consists of a glass fiber epoxy resin rod, a silicone rubber umbrella skirt, and a gold fitting. The silicone rubber shed uses an integral injection process and then handles the electrical breakdown of the interface that affects the reliability of the composite insulator. The connection between the glass drawing rod and the fittings adopts the most advanced crimping process, and is equipped with a fully automatic sonic flaw detection system. It has high strength, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight. The galvanized metal can prevent rust and can be exchanged with porcelain insulators. The product is structurally sound and does not damage the mandrel and can fully exert its mechanical strength.

The composite suspension insulator has superior electrical function and high mechanical strength. The tensile strength of the internal load-bearing epoxy glass rod is 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel, which is 8~10 times of the high-strength porcelain material, which effectively improves the safety of safe operation. .

The composite suspension insulator has good anti-fouling function, good anti-fouling function, strong anti-soil flashing power, and its wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage are 2~2.5 times of the same creepage porcelain insulator. It does not need to be cleaned, and it can be safely operated in heavy pollution.

The composite suspension insulator is small in size and light in weight (only 1/6~1/9 of the same voltage grade porcelain insulator). The structure is light and convenient for transportation and installation.

The composite suspension insulator silicone rubber shed has excellent water-repellent function, and its overall structure ensures that the inner insulation is protected from moisture, no preventive insulation monitoring test is required, and no cleaning is required, which reduces the daily protection workload.

The composite suspension insulator has good sealing function and strong resistance to electric corrosion. The shed material has a resistance to leakage and reaches the TMA4.5 level. It has outstanding resistance to aging, corrosion and low temperature. It can be used at -40°C~-50. °C area.

Composite suspension insulator has strong impact resistance and anti-shock function, its outstanding anti-brittle and creep resistance, not easy to break, anti-torsional, high torsional strength, acceptable internal pressure, strong explosion-proof force, can be with porcelain, Glass insulator exchange effect.

Because the appearance of the composite insulator is more hydrophobic, its appearance is completely different from that of the porcelain insulator. In the Ministry of Power Power Office (1993) No. 45, "On the promulgation of the relevant provisions on the anti-pollution of electric porcelain in electric power system", the temporary leakage distance (crawling ratio) of the composite insulator unit can be designed according to 75% of porcelain insulation.

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