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Composite Insulator Manufacturing Process
Sep 24, 2018

Insulator is a special insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, insulators were mostly used for poles, and gradually developed into high-voltage towers with a lot of disc-shaped insulators hanging at one end. It is to increase the creeping distance, usually made of glass or ceramics, called insulators. Insulators should not fail due to various mechanical and electrical stresses caused by changes in environmental and electrical load conditions. Otherwise, insulators will not play a major role and will damage the service life of the entire line.

Material selection of composite insulator mandrel materials, mainly glass fiber reinforced resin guide rod or unsaturated polyester bonded glass fiber rod, generally require the tensile strength of the mandrel is greater than 300 kN.

Umbrella skirts and sheaths are generally made of the same material, polymer or epoxy resin, which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and leakage. Polymer materials are usually made of EPM (ethylene-propylene copolymer), EPDM (ethylene-propylene rubber), silicone rubber, EVA (vinyl acetic acid vinegar) and other raw materials by adding appropriate amount of ATH (alumina trihydrate), ultraviolet absorbent, plasticizer and other formulations. Polymer materials have high molecular structure, low surface energy and strong hydrophobicity. The international requirements for resistance to leakage scarring and corrosion are 4.5~6kV/6h.

At present, the producers of composite insulators in Germany, America, France and other countries tend to adopt silicone rubber and EPDM rubber. Among them, silicone rubber is considered as the preferred material for organic composite insulators because its aging resistance is better than other polymer materials. EPDM rubber is not as good as silicone rubber in aging performance, but its price is low. It is usually used as composite insulators for indoor and distribution lines.

Composite insulator end metal accessories are generally made of malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron or galvanized forged steel and alloy materials, according to the requirements of mechanical properties for different choices, basically the same as porcelain insulators, no other alternative materials.

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