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Composite Insulators Have The Following Advantages
Sep 04, 2018

(1) High strength and light weight. The composite insulator has a high strength-to-weight ratio, that is, a high specific strength. The high mechanical strength is derived from the excellent mechanical properties of the FRP core rod. The tensile strength of the widely used FRP rods can reach 1000 MPa or more, and the core rod density is only about 2 g/cm3, so the specific strength is high. It is about 5 to 10 times that of high quality carbon steel. At the same voltage level, the composite insulator weighs only 1/7 to 1/10 of the porcelain insulator.

(2) The wet flashing flash voltage is high. The hydrophobicity of the low-energy surface of organic composites is the main reason for the excellent wettability of composite insulators. Under severe meteorological conditions such as heavy fog, light rain, dew, dissolved snow, and dissolved ice, the surface of the composite insulator forms separated water droplets instead of continuous water film. The conductivity of the fouling layer is very low, so the leakage current is also small, and it is not easy to occur strongly. The local arc, local arc is also difficult to further develop leading to external insulation flashover. After running for a period of time, the surface area of the composite insulator is stained, and the hydrophobicity can migrate to the surface of the stain layer. The characteristics of the silicone rubber material are unique. Under the same contamination degree, the flashover voltage can reach more than twice the same leakage distance insulator.

The equivalent diameter of the common rod-shaped composite insulator is much smaller than that of the ordinary suspension porcelain insulator and the pillar insulator, which is also an important reason for its excellent stain resistance. Under adverse conditions, water repellency may be reduced or lost due to electrical, environmental and other stresses, but its equivalent diameter will not become thicker, so the flashover voltage will remain at a high level.

(3) Easy operation and maintenance. The excellent anti-fouling performance of the organic outer insulation improves the reliability of the operation of the electric power system. It does not need to be cleaned regularly like porcelain and glass insulators in the polluted area, and there is no zero-value detection problem of the ordinary suspension porcelain insulator, which greatly reduces the insulator of the dirty area. Operation and maintenance costs.

(4) It is not easy to break and prevent accidents. The composite insulator has strong impact resistance, which greatly reduces accidental damage caused during installation and transportation, and can effectively prevent damage caused by human factors such as shooting.

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