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Lightning Protection Composite Insulator Is A New Type Of Combined Structure Of Arc-proof Insulator
Sep 04, 2018

Lightning protection composite insulator is a new type of combined structure of arc-proof insulator, which is mainly composed of insulating shroud, compression nut, briquetting block, moving briquetting block, upper metal cap, composite insulator, arc striking rod, insulating sleeve and The lower metal foot is composed of the same, and the arc striking rod and the upper metal cap are assembled and integrated into one body. When a lightning strike occurs, the arc striking rod and the lower metal leg are discharged, so that the freewheeling power frequency arc is moved to the arc striking rod to burn, thereby protecting Insulated wires are not damaged.

The moving briquetting block and the briquetting block are assembled by a dovetail method, so that when the wire moves due to thermal expansion and contraction, the moving briquetting piece moves, thereby preventing the wire from being scratched by the wire clip.

The composite insulator has better insulation performance than the electric porcelain insulators such as PS-15, and its creepage distance is large, which improves the anti-fouling level of the insulator, and can meet the anti-fouling requirements of the majority of users for the insulator.

The insulating cover is made of organic composite material, which has good insulation performance, anti-aging performance and flame retardant performance. It is mounted on the outside of the upper metal cap to provide insulation protection.

This product has a puncture-type piercing structure, which is convenient to install and construct. It does not need to strip the insulator wire insulation layer to avoid water ingress and corrosion of the core, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

A unique structure that prevents birds from causing short-circuit hazards to overhead conductors.

Can withstand burning of about 5 power frequency high current arcs.

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