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Standard Suspended Glass Insulators
Sep 24, 2018

Tempered glass insulators are used for insulating and suspending conductors in HV and UHV AC and DC transmission lines. In the early years, toughened glass insulators were mostly used for wire rods, and gradually developed into high-voltage wire connecting tower with a lot of disc-shaped insulators hanging at one end. It is to increase the creeping distance, usually made of glass or ceramics, called insulators.

Standard suspension glass insulator product structure: the product consists of iron cap, toughened glass parts and steel feet, and bonded with cement binder as one. This product is made of the most advanced cylindrical head structure in the world, with the characteristics of small head size. Light weight, high strength and large creepage distance. It can save metal materials and reduce the cost of transmission lines. To meet the needs of live working, the traditional structural shape is adopted on the brim.

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