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The Importance Of Electric Safety
Oct 21, 2018

1. The importance of safety production is seen from the needs of electric power enterprises

In order to survive and develop, electric power enterprises must stress economic benefits. If the safe production of electric power enterprises is not good, it is necessary to reduce the external power supply and increase the expenditure of various expenses. It can be seen that doing a good job in safe production is also the basis for electric power enterprises to obtain good economic benefits.

"People power industry for people" is the basic aim of socialist power enterprises, for this reason, power industry must pay attention to quality service of wind construction. If the safety production is not good, the reliability of power supply will be difficult to guarantee, the quality of power will be difficult to improve, and it will be impossible to provide high-quality services to the society. Therefore, safe production is the premise for electric power enterprises to implement the aim of "people power industry is people".

2. The importance of safe production is seen from the characteristics of electricity production

As we all know, the characteristics of electric power production are highly automatic. There are many power plants, transmission lines, transformer and distribution facilities and electric equipment, which constitute the power network. They operate jointly with each other and restrict each other, forming a very large and complex process of electric power production, circulation, distribution and consumption. In this process, power supply, power supply and power consumption are carried out simultaneously, and the production, transmission and use of power are completed at the same time and in balance at any time. These inherent characteristics of power production require that the power grid operation must be very stable and reliable. Any accident in any link, if not ruled out by dozens, may lead to a chain reaction, resulting in serious damage to the main equipment or a large-scale power outage, or even a catastrophic accident that may lead to the collapse of the whole network. Before that, China's power industry has entered a new stage with "large units, large power plants, large power grid, high parameters, high voltage and high automation" as the main focus, which has brought new topics to the safety of power production and raised higher and newer requirements.

3. Considering the importance of safe production from the characteristics of labor environment in power production

The labor environment of electric power production has several obvious features. Second, high temperature and high pressure equipment; Thirdly, there are many inflammable and explosive articles. Fourth, tell rotating machinery more; Fifth, special operations. These characteristics show that the labor conditions and environment of electric power production are quite complex, and many unstable factors are latent, which pose a threat to workers' personal safety. Therefore, the safety work is a little careless, the latent unsafe factors will change into unsafe facts at any time, and the potential danger will change into actual personal injury accidents at any time. This requires us to further understand the significance of electric power production safety from the height of safeguarding the personal safety and health of electric power workers and protecting the vital interests of electric power workers.

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